4 Cannabis Networking Mistakes You Should Never Make

When it comes to any type of business trade show or event, networking is important. It’s an opportunity to build connections and relationships that will be beneficial to you and your business.

For the cannabis industry, these networking events may seem a bit different than most. But they still share important value in how networking will benefit your cannabis business.

It doesn’t matter if you’re preparing for your first cannabis networking event or you’ve attended one too many trade shows. Don’t ever make these four cannabis networking mistakes.

1. Forgetting Your Networking Essentials

One of the biggest tips for industry networking includes forgetting your networking essentials! Some of these include verbal or physical actions when meeting new people at the event. Some are tangible objects or items that carry impact and information after the event is long over.

Depending on the event or company you’re representing, these essential networking supplies could be:

  • Company business cards
  • Brand deck or portfolio of your work
  • Your name tag or identity badge
  • Your cannabis products and smoking accessories (if you’re permitted to and choose to partake)
  • A verbal elevator pitch or business summary to pitch to potential clients
  • A firm and professional handshake or introductory greeting
  • An enthusiastic and friendly smile

Pro tip: Keep a couple of business cards handy wherever you go – you never know who you may run into! Write a flashcard or note on your phone of the people you’re hoping to connect with during the event, and who they are.

2. Not Respecting People’s Time or Venue Rules

Planning to introduce or meet with business owners and potential clients at a cannabis networking event? Remember to do your research. Collect background information on exactly who you’ll be seeing or speaking with.

You’ll feel a lot better walking up to someone to give your elevator pitch when you have an understanding of who they are, what they do, and why they’re important.

On top of that, many event locations will have their own rules or restrictions around open consumption. Yes, in legal states like Massachusetts!

Pro tip: Check to see that you’re in fact allowed to consume before sparking up for a sesh and getting turned down instantly. Make sure you’re in a dedicated consumption area and that you’re following the rules for the event.

3. Failing to Make an Impression in a Small Industry

As we’re seeing the legal U.S. cannabis industry growing quickly in size, we often forget that it remains newer than most. It’s still quite small!

Know who you’re talking to and the other people or industry leaders they may be connected to. A lot of the time, it turns out that everyone knows everyone. Steer clear of any industry gossip or conversations that would possibly affect any connections or future networking.

There’s no doubt the cannabis industry consists of many like-minded people who are passionate about the plant. These networking opportunities are often more fun than other traditional events. Attendees can loosen up and enjoy themselves in the process.

Still, keep in mind that you’re still in a professional environment. Don’t assume any laid-back or casual behavior from the start. Stay aware of who you’re meeting and what’s appropriate for the space and event you’re attending.

Pro tip: Make connections with new people in all types of roles at networking events. The more people have a specific quality or point to remember you by, the better chance you have of establishing a stronger work relationship down the road.

4. Assuming and Over-Consuming

One of the many unique elements of the legal cannabis industry is how the community comes together.

Many who attend cannabis networking events are often representing themselves, their company, or a new product or service. Because of this, the sampling and consumption of products being networked, or simply enjoyed, is common.

However, especially with the various cannabis products and potencies available, be mindful to not over-consume or get too high.

Over-consuming can lead to the inability to remain focused or be alert in social situations. Being too high can make you feel paranoid or anxious, which might hinder your ability to get the most of the event.

Also, remember that not everyone in the cannabis industry consumes! Whether they don’t prefer to smoke or won’t partake during an event, don’t assume that everyone partakes enjoys the way you do.

Pro tip: If you find yourself feeling a bit paranoid or anxious from getting too high, have no fear! Simple tricks like consuming a dose of CBD, or even smelling or chewing black peppercorns, will help to counteract the effects of THC.

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