Combining Cannabis & Creativity: Activities to Do While High

So you’ve finished drinking your favorite cannabis seltzer, or have just completed smoking a joint of fresh flower. What do you do now?

The exploration of activities to do while high has expanded with the evolution of cannabis. Considering the many different ways there are to get high today, the activities that follow are just as endless!

Because of this, the relationship between cannabis and creative activity is complex and multifaceted. It’s important to remember that not everyone’s experience with cannabis will be the same – how it enhances creativity is ultimately different for every individual.

However, the type of cannabis and the dose consumed can create a fun experience for certain activities. Learn about the science behind cannabis sparking creative flow, plus the best activities to do while high.

The Science Behind Cannabis & Creativity 

The connection between cannabis and creativity has been strongly linked together over time. Many artists, musicians, writers, and other creatives have confessed cannabis helps enhance and influence their creative flow and output.

Like the many other multi-faceted attributes of the plant, there’s more than one influential factor when it comes to sparking creativity with cannabis.

When cannabis, specifically THC, is consumed, an increase in cerebral blood flow occurs in the frontal lobe area of the brain. This region of the brain provokes divergent thinking and is ultimately known as the center hub of creative thinking. So while cannabis can’t directly produce further creativity, its reaction with the frontal lobe of the brain can stimulate these creative thoughts and functions to occur.

Additionally, the way cannabis and THC interact with our brains also enhances sensory perception and focus, which can be extremely beneficial for creative tasks or activities.

Think of how relaxed and released your mind may feel after smoking a joint or eating your favorite edible. Cannabis is also known to help reduce inhibitions and hesitations, and might even help to open new ideas or perspectives. Overall, it leads to a greater flow of ideas and mindfulness.

When ready to spark creative flow or activity, consider some of the following major factors of cannabis and consumption:

It’s more than just Sativa. vs. Indica 

It’s helpful to keep in mind that different cannabis cultivars all contain an array of terpenes and cannabinoids. Because of this, certain terpenes will induce more creative, energetic effects than others.

One cannabis strain may have a more uplifting high that gets you activite, another may have you cozied on the couch ready to watch a movie.

Explore the Different Ways to Consume Cannabis 

In today’s world, there are many different ways to consume cannabis! Considering the type of activity you’ll be getting into and what it involves can help you better determine how to consume.

For instance, an edible may be more effective than a joint if you’re going for a run.

Finding the Right Dose for Your Activity 

Research has suggested that smaller doses of cannabis will be more beneficial to creative thought and activity than larger doses. Those seeking to induce creativity or find an activity to do while high should consider not consuming too much. Instead, it’s helpful to feel a well-rounded, balanced high rather than intense effects.

On the other hand, some people may not seek cannabis to influence their creative activity at all.

The Best Creative Activities to Do While High

When you think about all of the activities to do while high, the possibilities are boundless! Whether you’re solo or joining a group of your best buds, there are many ways to play and think outside of the box with cannabis.

Many legal cannabis states have formed activity-based groups to gather people in the community to join together and spark up while doing an activity. There are brands and dispensary activations designed around fun and competitive games that can be enjoyed high while promoting awareness of specific products.

Puff & Paint

Friends join together for sip-and-paint activities, why not puff-and-paint? In lieu of a nice glass of wine, smoke a freshly rolled joint and paint away to create whatever subject comes to mind!

Jewelry Making 

No matter what’s being made or the materials used, making jewelry is a fun and easygoing task no matter what! Grab the string, beads and shells to express yourself and let creative thought flow. It’s also a fun task to make yourself something new or give as a thoughtful gift.


Ultimately, cannabis and music go hand and hand. Other than the many songs and lyrics that tune an ode to weed – musicians, and artists often turn to cannabis for inspiration in writing music. Even so, you don’t have to be a talented musician to feel this connection.

Attending a live music concert or listening to an album in your headphones can be an enjoyable activity to do while high. If you have ever smoked a joint and danced along to your favorite song, you may understand!

At this year’s TeeHC Open, the Sensi All-Stars will be headlining a concert for all golf players and attendees!


Whether you’re hitting the driving range or immersed in a competitive game with friends, golf has become a fun activity to do while high. Through cannabis consumption, golfers can elevate their technique and stay focused on their game. It may also help ease the mind of some players from feeling nervous or stressed about how they’re playing.

If it’s your first try at mini-golf or you’re a pro at your local club, cannabis and golf can be a fun way to unwind and enjoy this classic game.

Highly Anticipated Activities at the TeeHC Open

This year, we’re especially excited about all of the interactive activities and creative games coming up at the TeeHC Open. In addition to our cannabis sponsors and their brand activations, there will be plenty of activities to make you happy and spark creativity!

Get a little stoned and hop into a hula hoop contest, take your swing in the putting contest, or relax in the sun with group games on the grass!

Cannabis networking doesn’t have to be all handshakes and business cards. It can be an opportunity to explore creative activities and connect with others in the process.

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