De-Stigmatizing Cannabis and Golf

The general attitude about cannabis has taken quite an upturn over the last decade as more states recognize the benefits of legalizing marijuana. Despite increasing acceptance, everyone has an opinion on when and where cannabis is acceptable, including the golf course.

When you think about a day out on the green, drinking is not an uncommon activity. Consuming cannabis, on the other hand, is still not part of the norm. We think it should be. De-stigmatizing cannabis and golf has been a long time coming. Let’s talk about what cannabis can do for your golf game.

“You’re going to be in the woods anyway you might as well bring a few trees” – anonymous

Alcohol vs Cannabis on the Golf Course

There is a constant comparison between alcohol and cannabis, though the two have very different bodily interactions. An interesting study on cannabis and golf was conducted by Golf Digest, in which three golfers tested how cannabis affected their overall golf game. The three golfers (a high, mid, and low handicap) tested their performance while using varying doses of THC.

This study followed on the heels of a previous study that evaluated the impact of alcohol while golfing. Results showed that, in both cases, there is a sweet spot of ideal consumption that equates to a better golf game, but it’s different for everyone. In conclusion, this specific group in the Golf Digest study found that 18 milligrams of THC hit the spot.

“If I drank 6 beers in 18 holes, I wouldn’t be able to drive home,” says Seth Worby, CEO & Founder of Cannabis Creative Group.

Luckily, for those who do want to enjoy a beverage or two on the green, cannabis-infused drinks are a great option. In today’s market you can choose from a plethora of options with varying concentrations, cannabinoids, and flavors. Get an uplifting buzz, and take the edge off without the hangover.


Benefits of Cannabis and Golf

It may not be the end-all-be-all to upping your game, but there are several notable benefits to the combination of cannabis and golf.

Social Anxiety

Golfing with acquaintances, partners, or business prospects can be nerve-wracking, especially if you’re already prone to a little social anxiety.

Our endocannibinoid receptors have a two-way (retrograde) communication system that allows them to communicate when you’re experiencing something uncomfortable. This system allows your body and mind to relax by reducing the influx of the stress hormone, cortisol.

With all eyes on you and an impossible shot to make, cannabis may not make you a better golfer, but it could give you a sense of calm so you can make it to the next hole without all the pressure.

Keep Your Mind Focused

Golf is not a fast-paced game, which can make it difficult for people with a lot on their minds. Cannabis may help you find a calm focus so you can make that next shot, or at least remember when it’s your turn and what hole you’re on. Consider a Sativa strain to help boost focus and spark the much-needed creativity it’s going to take to get your ball out of the rough for the sixth time.

Mood Boost for a Bad Game

Cannabis works with your body’s natural receptors to increase the production of a little compound called “anandamide,” which in Sanskrit is also called “the bliss molecule.” It happens to be the same mood-boosting compound found in chocolate. A little boost of happiness through cannabis and golf can help you keep your cool even when you’re having an off-day on the green.

“When you feel like breaking a club, just take a puff first,” suggests Aaron Tull, Paid Search Specialist at Cannabis Creative Group.

Reduce the Aches

Golfer’s elbow is a thing but is not the only pain that can come from golfing. Many avid golfers complain of sore shoulders and backs from repeatedly swinging the club. Legs and hips can also become achy from awkward twists and walking the course.

Luckily, cannabis can decrease pain signals and reduce inflammation, naturally.

  • High CBD and CBG strains can be consumed in many different ways before, during, and after playing to help relieve aches and keep you mobile for all 18 holes.
  • Pain-relieving cannabis topicals can also be a great replacement for the traditional muscle rubs that leave you smelling like your grandpa.

“Some may think golf is more of a relaxed sport, but there’s a lot of twisting and turning,” says Dan Serard, Director of Business Development at Cannabis Creative Group. “I have knee pain, back pain, neck pain, etc., so I use CBD/THC pain cream before and after a round. It helps reduce the pain and inflammation.”

De-Stigmatizing Cannabis and Golf

There are several things to consider when it comes to the idea of de-stigmatizing cannabis and golf. Golf is played by a wide variety of people with differing views. Many people have the ingrained notion that marijuana is illegal, harmful, and only for hippies and punks. Unfortunately, you can’t expect to get through to everyone. But the general understanding and attitude toward cannabis is evolving.

Many states have legalized both medical and recreational cannabis use, but there are some holdouts. It’s important to know your audience and the rules of the golf course. For instance, golfing in Colorado and golfing in South Carolina are likely to be two very different experiences. Public consumption may not always be legal everywhere. It’s important to know the regulations regarding cannabis use wherever you are. Use your best judgment and consume responsibly.

The TeeHC Open Cannabis Golf Tournament

Cannabis events in Massachusetts like the TeeHC Open are a great way to bring together golf and cannabis enthusiasts. Many athletes already believe the benefits of cannabis and golf go hand-in-hand. To de-stigmatize cannabis use, we need to respectfully incorporate it into more everyday activities – such as events like a cannabis golf tournament!

The TeeHC Open golf tournament not only serves as a cannabis networking, but it also brings awareness to the benefits and enjoyment of cannabis and golf. Check back to learn more about upcoming events.

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