How to Prepare for Attending a Cannabis Industry Event

When it comes to networking events, the cannabis industry is a whole different beast. It’s an industry encompassing professionals with diverse styles, backgrounds, and specializations. Whether you are a tie-dye shirt or business suit type of person, attending a cannabis industry event is a great way to network with others in the space. 

Traditional cannabis industry trade shows, though valuable, can become monotonous for even the most motivated professionals. Award-winning cannabis marketing agency Cannabis Creative Group is stepping outside the box for this year’s TeeHC Open cannabis golf tournament and cannabis industry networking event. 

This one-day invite-only event is powered by Joint Venture Co. and will feature fun, interactive experiences for golfers and non-golfers to enjoy while cultivating relationships and expanding their network.

No matter if this will be your first time attending an industry event, or if you’ve been to a variety of corporate outing, learn how to prepare for a cannabis event.

Get The Most Out of Your Cannabis Industry Event Experience

Whether you are planning on spending most of your day competing on the green, or teeing up the mini-golf course and relaxing in a stoned flow yoga session, we want you to get as much as possible out of your experience at the TeeHC Open.  

Come with an open mind

The cannabis industry is always changing. New regulations, products, technology, scientific research, and consumer trends pop up faster than a joint at a reggae concert. It’s impossible to know everything about this constantly evolving industry. Cannabis networking events are a great way to learn from experts in specific areas and share your own knowledge. 

Have business cards on hand

Don’t be that person who shows up without business cards. Cannabis networking only really works if you are able to make connections that last beyond the event. Know that you will probably go home with your own collection of business cards. 

Plan ahead and have a single location to keep them all and ensure they don’t get run through the washer and dryer with that pen that you’re also going to regret leaving in your pocket.  

Conscientious cannabis consumption

Unlike most cannabis trade shows, the TeeHC Open is a cannabis-friendly event. That being said, it is important to note that not everyone in the industry is a cannabis user. In recent years, there has been an influx of professionals from corporate America and non-cannabis industries.

Make sure to read the room before assuming they are consuming. As for yourself, it is important to be aware of your tolerance and the rules for cannabis consumption at the event. 

Prioritize your comfort

You are not going to be nearly as friendly and approachable as you want to be if you are uncomfortable. Though a hit may take the edge off, it probably won’t stop your feet from throbbing. 

The TeeHC Open cannabis golf tournament is an active event, much of which takes place outdoors. Bring clothes you can move around in, and shoes that are comfortable.

Don’t forget the sunscreen, sunglasses, and/or hat, and a change of clothes for hot yoga. It’s not something you want to do in khakis and a polo shirt. 

Prepare your elevator pitch 

An elevator pitch is meant to extend as long as an elevator ride, which we can generally say lasts 30 to 60 seconds but can seem like forever if you are stuck with Chatty Cathy. 

You are going to meet a lot of people at the TeeHC Open. Your sparkling personality will undoubtedly have a lot to do with how much time they want to spend talking to you, but it’s a good idea to show up knowing how to quickly convey what you do in the industry, and how it might be relevant to other businesses.

Create a follow-up plan

Don’t wait to re-engage with the interesting people you meet. Exchanging business cards is step one. After that, make a plan to get on a call, send an email, or meet in person within the next two weeks following the cannabis networking event. 

Set the expectation with the person you met, or go ahead and get something on both of your calendars. Building meaningful relationships is what these events are about. Don’t miss your chance to stay engaged. Maybe even schedule a round of golf! 

TeeHC Open checklist

To make the most of this cannabis networking opportunity, there are a few things you shouldn’t leave home without. Here is a quick checklist to review before you head out the door:

  • Business cards
  • A pen or three (because you are going to lose the first one)
  • Notepad or device to make notes/reminders
  • Marketing collateral 
  • Leave behinds
  • Comfortable clothes and shoes
  • Sunglasses/sunscreen

Don’t forget to review the activities available both on and off the green, so you can plan accordingly.

Remember That Cannabis is a Social Plant

Though it is largely used as a natural remedy, cannabis is also a social product. Think of the TeeHC Open and other cannabis networking events as a way to socialize with like-minded professionals. 

While you are strategizing on how to increase conversions, secure follow-up appointments, and build meaningful relationships, don’t forget to relax and have a good time. That’s ultimately what cannabis is for. 

Learn more about our full schedule of events at the TeeHC Open on our Event page. Sign up as a group or buy an individual ticket before spots run out! 


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