The TeeHC Open Brings Hundreds of Cannabis Professionals Together

From customers and budtenders to business owners and investors, cannabis professionals come from all walks of life. Varying in experience, knowledge, perspective, and preferences, these people are charging forward in an industry that has otherwise been risky to get involved with.

Yet, despite facing numerous challenges, cannabis professionals have an uncanny ability to think outside the box and rely on one another.

It was that exact reason that we set out to put on a game-changing networking event: the 2022 TeeHC Open. Meant to embrace a less corporate style of connection, the TeeHC Open is a cannabis industry networking event and golf tournament that redefines networking.


Reimagining Cannabis Networking Events

The most important aspect of the TeeHC Open was to introduce a new way of networking within the cannabis industry. Meeting other cannabis professionals and building relationships with them is critical, not just for individuals, but also for the industry as a whole.

Relationships are, above all, the most important currency in business. However, professional networking is not always so welcoming or comfortable. Introvert or not, talking with strangers in stuffy suits isn’t exactly exciting, and you hardly feel relaxed enough to be authentic.

The first-ever TeeHC Open combatted this with a range of activities and interactive experiences from cannabis brands. This was made possible by our expansive group of sponsors that set up tents along the golf course with engaging experiences.

With over 200 cannabis professionals in attendance, we wanted to go big or go home with the 2022 TeeHC Open. We worked with sponsors to craft brand activations that not only created an easy topic of conversation but also naturally bonded attendees through deeper, non-professional topics.

For instance, Salt Construction gave out nostalgic tin lunch boxes to all golf players and Cann let attendees taste test various flavors. Aside from the main golf tournament, off-course attendees mingled through yoga, meditation, trivia, and more.

Attendees enjoyed nontraditional networking opportunities, such as the longest drive and air canon competitions, a game of Plinko to win some fun merchandise, a mobile cigar lounge, and a 360 video booth, among others.

Everywhere, people swapped business cards and told stories of their experiences in the industry. More than that, we also saw cannabis professionals get vulnerable with one another, share their concerns about business and legislation, ask questions, gain knowledge – and so much more.

Why a Cannabis Networking Golf Tournament

As cannabis continues to gain legal traction around the United States, the industry is beginning to embrace a sense of legitimacy. Legal states all around the country have professional networks and governmental committees overseeing the activity.

Alongside this is the fact that golf has been considered the sport of business since the beginning of time. If meetings aren’t happening in offices or board rooms, they’re happening on the golf course.

Moreover, most people have a personal relationship with the plant and therefore are much more passionate about their business. This makes the corporate approach uncomfortable and outdated when it comes to the cannabis industry.

After facing years of prohibition, industry players are much more likely to attend cannabis networking events that go beyond the traditional format. Paired with our team’s personal passion for golf, redefining industry networking seemed to fit perfectly on the golf course.

In fact, the simple hosting and promotion of these types of events seemed completely out of the question years ago. Yet, today, unique organized cannabis events such as the TeeHC Open offer additional legitimacy to the industry.

Although we had a regular 18-hole golf tournament, the 2022 TeeHC Open was anything but a regular networking golf event. We created an exclusive, invite-only networking day that cannabis professionals could genuinely enjoy.

Both our on and off-course attendees were able to build intimate connections, activate their brands, speak with industry changemakers, and walk away with as much energy and passion as they walked in with.

A Big Thanks to Our Sponsors

Our first ever cannabis golf tournament and networking event would not have been as successful as it was without the support of our sponsors.

From game sponsors that set up shop on the course to media partners that helped cover our event and have awesome non-golf activities, we are truly grateful for everyone who was willing to bet on us for this first event.

We’d like to give a big thanks to all our sponsors: Root & Bloom, CANN, 1906, Rasta Rootz, Nimbus Cannabis, Salt Construction, Pure Oasis, Plymouth Armor Group, Needham Bank, Ration Cannabis, Bask, New Leaf, Commonwealth Alt Care, Click, Treez, Plant, Outfront Media, Jupiter, Mass Alternative Care, Tricann, Pro Cannabis Media, Sensi, The Canna Mom Show, Different Leaf, Worcester Magazine, and Talking Joints Memo.

Last, but not least, we’d like to thank all our attendees for making this event so fabulous. Not only did we completely sell out, but we already have a growing waitlist for next year, and we were able to raise thousands of dollars for our charity partners: Massachusetts Fallen Heroes and Hilarity for Charity.

How to Get Involved

The TeeHC Open is a unique networking opportunity for cannabis professionals to take part in. Whether you’re looking to attend or hoping to work closer with us to create a sponsorship experience, our spots are filling up fast!

The 2023 TeeHC Open waitlist is open and sponsors are already filling up the best slots. To get involved, contact us and let us know how you’d like to be a part of next year’s event.

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