Top 5 Cannabis Seltzers to Pack in your Golf Bag

Cannabis beverages and seltzers are rapidly changing the way we perceive cannabis edibles. Instead of the good old days of waiting around for that pot brownie to kick in, we’re seeing plenty of innovative and unique infused edible options hit the Massachusetts market.

Because of this, a lot of cannabis seltzers and infused beverages make an excellent form of consumption for your favorite sport or activity, such as golf.

A New Way to Sip and Swing 

The past time of drinking a beer or wine cooler while playing a round of golf is not as uncommon as you’d think. Why can’t consuming cannabis during a golf game be accepted the same?

With cannabis seltzers, golfers and consumers alike can enjoy the elevated effects of THC or CBD for their game. Not only are most cannabis seltzers a way more discreet and delicious way to consume cannabis while playing golf, but it also has the potential for faster onset and duration of effects – without the drowsiness of alcohol or pounding headache the next day.

Especially with advanced nano-emulsification technology and extraction processes, you can find almost any type of beverage can be infused with THC and CBD.

Smoking vs. Drinking Cannabis While Golfing

For golfers, seltzers have become a trending and popular way to consume while playing the sport. Depending on who you ask, there are plenty of reasons why sipping on a cannabis seltzer or infused beverage is a preferred method of consuming.

Compared to smoking a joint or blunt on the golf green, cannabis seltzers are:

  • A way to stay refreshed while consuming in small doses
  • Smoother and faster onset and duration of high, and effects felt
  • Consume more discreetly without the smell or smoke
  • A social way to consume around others, including those who choose not to partake

Not to mention with other combustible forms of cannabis consumption, such as joints or prerolls, outside weather factors like wind or rain can make it difficult to achieve a smoke session. Some specific golf courses and clubs might also have rules or restrictions against lighting up on the green.

Packing a few cannabis seltzers in your bag for the next golf game won’t affect you or the people you’re playing around, except to possibly hit a new record on your swing!

Top 5 Cannabis Seltzers to Bring to the Next Golf Game

Check out these latest trending cannabis seltzers you’ll find at a local dispensary shelf, and want to pack in your bag for that next golf tournament.


These THC and CBD infused seltzers are an innovative way to make cannabis drinkable, delicious, and refreshing. Each of CANN’s bubbly and bright cocktail seltzer flavors is crafted with natural ingredients and sweeteners for a refreshing and light social tonic.

Not only are they delicious, but you can enjoy these seltzers without the hangover or worry of getting too high – each CANN seltzer contains 2mg of THC + 4mg of CBD to sip and session in between golf swings.

2. Cantrip 

Cantrip’s infused cannabis beverages are on a mission to transform the standard cannabis experience. Each Cantrip seltzer is made with natural ingredients and fast acting for a one-of-a-kind high experience.

When it comes to enjoying a cannabis seltzer on the green, Cantrip’s variety of unique flavors and different doses allows you to modify and tailor your cannabis beverage consumption for better confidence and comfortability on the golf course.


Creating elevated experiences through the finest quality ingredients, LEVIA seltzers are infused with 5mg of THC. Each of these zero-calorie and zero-sugar seltzers comes in three flavors to complement your desired effects or activity: celebrate, achieve, and dream.

Get energized with LEVIA’s Achieve Sativa raspberry-lime seltzer blend to stay focused on the game!

4. Float

Let’s say you’re looking for a discreet and delicious way to consume on the green, but not so much a fan of highly carbonated seltzers. Floating Islands is the first ever cannabis-infused smoothie – made with real fruit and nano-emulsified THC & CBD with just a touch of carbonation.

Between the Disco Berry Floatie or Tropical Tombolo Floatie, each is packed with fruity blends that bring on flavor and full spectrum, microdosed THC and CBD effects.

5. Wynk

Another bubbly and refreshing way to consume, Wynk cannabis-infused seltzers also come in various dosages to accurately elevate your game. Wynk’s drinks are balanced with a ratio of both THC and CBD for a high experience that is long-lasting and as smooth as its taste.

Choose either a 2mg or 5mg THC-infused seltzer, pick your favorite fruity flavor, sip, swing, and enjoy!

6. Hi5

As a state-of-the-art, nano-emulsified THC cannabis seltzer, Hi5 is a new way to consume your favorite cannabis beverage! Each seltzer and cannabis beverage from Hi5 comes infused with 5mg of THC with an extraction formula that will have you feel the effects in five minutes or less.

In a wide range of unique and delicious fruit flavors that will leave your taste buds tingling and arms ready to swing a hole in one!

Getting Social with Seltzers at the TeeHC Open Golf Tournament

Although it can be enjoyed individually, the game of golf is often a highly social group activity. It’s a game that can be played between friends or even business partners or work colleagues as a form of networking. It’s a social yet formal activity that requires engaged focus and long focus.

With the stigma between cannabis and golf minimizing, many cannabis brands and products are created to enhance or elevate these types of activities. The upcoming Massachusetts cannabis and golf tournament, the TeeHC Open, is a great way to explore this connection between cannabis seltzers and golf.

At the 2022 TeeHC Open, CANN was one of the many golf sponsors that offered refreshing bubbly tonics micro-infused with THC and CBD. Players enjoyed the blended flavors and uplifting effects of CANN throughout the golf rounds. At the end of the tournament, celebratory cheers with cannabis-infused seltzers topped off the ultimate day of golf.

If you’re looking for a way to connect with other cannabis industry leaders and brands, while enjoying a tournament of golf with cannabis, join our waitlist for the 2023 TeeHC Open here!

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