Winding Down After Golf with Cannabis

Winding Down After Golf with Cannabis 

Anyone that has hit the green and completed a few holes knows that a game of golf can be both exciting and exhausting!

Whether you’re training for the PGA or enjoying a few happy hour swings with friends, the post-golf wind down can be just as important as the sport itself.

Fortunately, innovative products have introduced the use of cannabis as a way to help golfers unwind post-game.

Check out the importance of a post-game wind-down and the many methods of cannabis consumption to help you get the relaxation you’re looking for.

Different Strokes for Different Folks 

Like the many different reasons people meet up on the green for a round, there are plenty of reasons why people consume cannabis while golfing! 

Whether you decide to consume before, during, or after a round of golf is entirely up to you as the player. However, golfers and athletes alike find positive benefits from cannabis consumption as a post-game way to wind down and cool off.

Research has proven that there are various therapeutic benefits between the major cannabinoids THC and CBD, including effects to help ease or soothe muscle spasms or chronic pain. Considering the body aches, pains, and minor injuries that are often associated with a long day of golfing, cannabis has been suggested to help athletes and golfers seek natural relief.

Seth Richtsmeier, Associate Director of SEO at Cannabis Creative Group, reflects on how different products help him unwind and recover from his golf days. “After a round, my shoulders and back sometimes feel sore – especially if I’m out of golf shape – so I’ll hit the vape a few times to ease the pain and mind. I also turn to my trusty Wildflower CBD relief stick, which rolls over the skin easily and smells great.”

Additionally, cannabis is also used to dial into a calming, soothing, state of mind. So maybe you missed that last hole, you were having an off day on your swing, or you’re getting nervous jitters at the first tee…cannabis can be helpful in allowing you to let go of any game stresses and fully unwind.

Taylor Massey, Director of Golf for Medterra CBD speaks on how CBD can even help golfers throughout the game, “It’s pretty simple: CBD calms you down. We’ve all had those first-tee jitters and the uneasy feeling of hitting in front of people. Whether you’re playing in a club championship or nervous over a three-foot slider, taking CBD before a round can help to settle your nerves.”

Like going for a beer after a few rounds with friends, cannabis can be a positive and social way to reflect and celebrate the game – no matter the outcome! From joints, bowls, dabs, or even infused edibles or beverages, cannabis can be there for you post-game as much as it can on the green.

Matching Cannabis & Golf 

The pairing of cannabis and golf has quickly grown to become an activity favored by many. For as long as this sport has brought people together, the same can be said about cannabis.

Thanks to the many different cannabis products available on the market, you’ll find there is more than one way to consume and enjoy!

Dab into the Ultimate Relaxation
With higher potencies and terpene-rich flavor profiles, cannabis concentrates are the ultimate way to slip into relaxation, and fast. Concentrates can be extracted using all sorts of methods and result in different types of forms – wax, shatter, budder, and rosin.

Containing high levels of THC, the strong effects from dabbing will give you an all-body high that is ideal for winding down after golfing, rather than the pre-game.

Sipping on Seltzers
Like cracking open a cold beer after a good round of golf, why not do the same with your cannabis? THC and CBD infused seltzers come in a variety of flavors and doses available for a refreshing post-golf break. At last year’s TeeHC Open, CANN cannabis-infused seltzers were enjoyed by players after the tournament.

Teeing with Topicals 

CBD is a specific cannabinoid that has proved to have positive therapeutic effects. Many people, including athletes, will seek CBD products for various forms of relief – from inflammation, muscle pain, anxiousness, or discomfort.

While CBD products come in many forms, golfers have suggested CBD topicals after golfing help to reduce muscle soreness. Plus, with the naturally calming relief that CBD provides, it’s helpful for unwinding from the hustle and bustle of a long golf day.

Strain Specific Relief

With the many different cannabis cultivars out there, smoking flower is a great way to tailor your cool-down experience.

Cannabis cultivars that contain rich flavorful profiles with terpenes like myrcene or linalool will help induce a calming, relaxing effect on the body. Terpenes beta-caryophyllene and pinene have anti-inflammatory properties that may relieve feelings of muscle soreness in golfers. Even cannabis strains that are high in CBD can help to bring on a restful state of mind after a day out on the green!

Relax & Unwind at the TeeHC Open 

At the TeeHC Open cannabis and golf tournament, we welcome the many different ways to unwind and relax with cannabis.

Disrupting your traditional cannabis networking, the TeeHC Open allows industry leaders to come together and enjoy the sport while consuming some of the latest and greatest cannabis products. Post-game activities such as hot yoga and meditation also helped players unwind and take a much-needed break after a long day golfing.

Ready to play a few rounds then come kick back with us? Contact us to join the waitlist for the upcoming TeeHC Open cannabis and golf networking event!

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