Hosts | TeeHC Open
  • Cannabis Creative Group is an award-winning full-service digital marketing agency for the cannabis industry. Based in Boston, the team has worked with hundreds of brands, ranging from international businesses to multi-state operators to mom-and-pop shops.

    Co-Founder and CEO, Seth Worby, has pioneered this space in New England and attended his fair share of cannabis networking events. After one too many same-old corporate events, escaping to the golf course to unwind afterward, he figured: What if it were fun?

  • Joint Venture & Co. aims to ready cannabis and wellness brands for the high expectations of a premium brand experience and reputation. They see the Northeast leading the cannabis and wellness industry, with brands that attract passionate fans who form supportive communities and drive change.

    When Cannabis Creative approached Co-Founder Ann Brum about partnering up for a first-of-its-kind cannabis networking event, the answer was obvious.