Cannabis & Golf: Everything You Need to Know

Believe it or not, cannabis and golfing actually make a great pair. If you were at the first annual cannabis and golf tournament last year, you probably know firsthand yourself.

Not only was every tee an elevating experience with brand activations and sponsored activities, but it was an opportunity for cannabis business leaders and industry workers to network altogether.

The idea for this cannabis and golf tournament was to disrupt the way cannabis networking is happening in the industry

The host of this Massachusetts golf tournament, Seth Worby, CEO of Cannabis Creative came up with the idea through his personal interest in the combination of cannabis consumption and golf. Seth noticed consumption trends on the green and envisioned a way to make cannabis trade shows more fun for all involved.

While golfing and cannabis have become another example of activities shifting the negative stigma around cannabis, there are still many tips and tee tricks to consider before playing your next round high.

Types of Cannabis Products on the Golf Green

In the Massachusetts legal cannabis market alone, plenty of innovative cannabis brands and products influence our everyday consumption.

When it comes time to pair cannabis with a desired activity, such as golf, there are a few factors to think about before consuming and playing. It’s helpful to consider your personal tolerance and familiarity you have with weed –

  • What’s your typical preferred method of consumption?
  • What’s the best dosage for you in order to play golf?
  • What is your intention for consuming cannabis and playing this golf game?

Remember, cannabis affects each of our bodies differently than the next. A specific dose or strain may help activate someone’s swing for a hole-in-one and be more of a swing-and-miss for another.

What’s most important is finding the right high balance without that anxious feeling of over-consumption. Luckily, there are plenty of consumption options to help you navigate your experience with cannabis and golf!

Cannabis Beverages & Edibles

Going above and beyond your traditional pot brownie or edible cookie, cannabis edibles and beverages come in many delicious forms!

Likely to be the least-detectable and most discreet way of consuming, cannabis beverages and infused treats are a great way to consume during golf without the smell or smoke.

However, considering how edibles are digested like regular food, the effects of edibles are often long-lasting but could take some time to be felt.

For playing golf, products such as infused seltzers and tonics are a great way to enjoy the effects of cannabis in a fitting, discreet, and casual way. Think of how many golfers enjoy the sport with their favorite IPA or mixed drink – with cannabis seltzers, you can socially sip the same way (without getting buzzed from alcohol).

At the 2022 TeeHC Open, CANN was a golf tournament sponsor. Players enjoyed sipping the deliciously crafted blends from this THC and CBD infused cannabis seltzer company while playing an enhanced round of golf!

Vape Cartridges

Another discreet form of cannabis consumption, vape cartridges offer a smooth smoke and simple way to puff in between holes.

Although conveniently potent, portable, and stealthy – the dosing for vape cartridges differs from edibles, considering you inhale the vapor to be absorbed through the bloodstream.

With this dosing and consumption a bit different from lets say, a cannabis seltzer, cannabis vapes are still a common form on consumption during golf.

At the 2022 TeeHC Open, the Massachusetts cannabis company Nimbus was a golf sponsor that offered disposable cannabis pens and vape cartridges to golfers and industry attendees.

Not only was each cannabis vape cart filled with flavorful terpenes and cannabinoids, but each flavor and strain actively enhanced and influenced a fun round of golf for all!

Cannabis Pre-Rolls & Joints 

Although the most popular and favored method of cannabis consumption, combusting flower, joints, blunts, or prerolls is probably generally the most restrictive on the golf green.

Before lighting up, there are a few outdoor details about smoking flower that may interrupt or alter your typical smoke sesh during a round of golf.

For instance, oftentimes windy weather will speed up the burning of the perfect joint you just rolled. Imagine cruising down the golf cart, unable to smoke your preroll because of the wind and speed of the game!

Plus, timing is a crucial detail in the game of golf – prepping for your next turn to swing means selecting a club, putting on the glove, assessing your direction, and warming up….all steps that require time and attention that can’t be as possible with a joint in hand!

Alternatively, many golfers resort to a nice joint or preroll after completing a round of golf, as a way to cap off a successful game. At last year’s TeeHC golf and cannabis tournament, smoking fresh flower or joints were enjoyed during breaks in between games and as a social gathering and smoke sesh afterward!

Know the Golf Course Rules & Regulations 

No matter if you’re thinking of consuming or not, it’s important to review the respected regulations and rules of the golf course you’re on before playing.

Depending on whether you’re playing in a legalized cannabis state or not, many golf courses will have their own regulations and restrictions against smoking cannabis flower. You and the group you’re playing with are not the only people on the course, be mindful and courteous of those around you (especially when they aren’t choosing to partake).

Get Ready for the Next TeeHC Open!

Cannabis consumption on the golf course can be a helpful way for golfers to elevate their technique and stay focused on the game, but the key is to keep your consumption accessible and discreet.

Luckily, between the spacious green and trees you’re playing under, and the assortment of accessible cannabis products to consume, you’re sure to elevate your game!

When you’re ready for your next round, consider these consumption options of cannabis products and the rules or regulations stated on the course you’re playing at.

Looking to play with a community of cannabis industry leaders and golfers? Join the waitlist for our upcoming TeeHC Open cannabis and golf tournament!

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