5 Non-Traditional Ways to Network for Your Cannabis Company

When it comes to a new cannabis business networking opportunity, you know the drill – you exchange a business card, a handshake, or perhaps you’re passing out a sticker or branded swag. Don’t forget the endless small talk! But what if cannabis networking went beyond the traditional business limits?

Let’s look into 5 non-traditional ways to network your cannabis company, and learn about a specific hole-in-one event that’s ideal for cannabis networking!

Team Building with a Scavenger Hunt Game

Think out of the box and networking beyond stuffy conference rooms or large exhibitor halls! Challenge your company’s problem-solving skills with a fun interactive puzzle or scavenger hunt game. You’re not only joining in on the fun and collaborating to solve clues and complete challenges, but you’re also forming genuine connections with your fellow players.

Tie-Dye and Arts & Crafts Station

Get colorful and let your creativity flow with an arts and crafts station. Whether it’s a beginner pottery lesson, a fun abstract painting lesson, or a DIY tie-dye station, get involved with the connection of like-minded professionals in a creative and inclusive space.

Implementing art activities into network events is also a great opportunity for specific brands or products to be showcased and sampled in an immersive setting. This type of activation gets everyone involved while providing an opportunity to engage in conversation.

Puppy Playpen with Adoption Services

Nothing brings more sweetness than cute puppies! Host a networking event that connects colleagues with other fellow dog lovers. Partner with local animal shelters and organizations to raise money for your community in the process. Not only is this the most adorable non-traditional networking activity, but you might just find your next furry friend.

Cannabis Consumption Bar and Lounge

Especially at cannabis-centric tradeshows and events, you’ll often find the best connections are the ones met during a chill smoke break or session with friends. Cannabis consumption corners and lounges at networking events create a relaxed and inviting atmosphere for professionals to unwind and consume during long business days.

Go beyond a handshake or business card – share a conversation with someone over a joint or edible and form a strong, friendly connection with others in the industry!

Networking for Golf Lovers

Challenge your colleagues and coworkers to a non-traditional networking activity of golf! Putt around on the green for immersive team building, and gain contacts and connections chatting on the golf cart ride to each hole. Blend your expert or novice golfing skills into a memorable networking activity – besides, a bit of healthy competition breaks down barriers and leads to lasting professional relationships. Nothing wrong with a friendly game of mini golf either!

Showcase Your Cannabis Business at the TeeHC Open

Are you ready to experience the most unique and non-traditional cannabis networking event in the industry? The TeeHC Open is a networking game changer in the cannabis industry – infusing professional traditions with extraordinary activities for lasting connections.

Some of the many highlights from our latest TeeHC Open brand activations include:

Discover how golf can turn your networking game into a hole-in-one experience! With mini golf contests, puppy play centers, arts and crafts, consumption stations and infused beverages and snacks – the TeeHC Open leads with fun and innovation to redefine the tone of cannabis networking.

Save the date, mark your calendars, and get ready for an unforgettable networking experience. The TeeHC Open cannabis and golf networking event is happening on Friday, September 6, 2024.

Do you have an exciting product or engaging networking activity you’d like to showcase at the next TeeHC Open? Learn about our sponsorship options to get involved or RSVP to get on the course and attend the upcoming cannabis networking event!

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