Experience Hot Yoga with The Love Offensive at the 2022 TeeHC Open

Yoga instructor Tara Morris talks about hot yoga, community, and cannabis-friendly fun at the first annual 2022 TeeHC Open.

The TeeHC Open is an invite-only day-long golf tournament and cannabis networking event. Hosted by the award-winning cannabis marketing agency, Cannabis Creative Group, and powered by Joint Venture Co., the event will feature fun, interactive experiences for golfers and non-golfers to enjoy their time while intentionally building relationships and growing their network.

As part of the event, the 2022 TeeHC Open will be hosting a series of vendor-sponsored activities, such as Hot Power Yoga from The Love Offensive. Check out what to expect in the session and why we’ve partnered with this incredible organization:

What is hot yoga?

Hot yoga, also known as “Bikram yoga,” refers to a style of yoga where you practice poses for up to 90 minutes in a room that is heated anywhere from 80 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

The purpose of practicing yoga in a sauna-like environment is to increase your heart rate for a more intense workout and to allow the heat to loosen up your muscles.

When your muscles get warmed up, they stretch more easily and are less likely to experience injury. It’s why most people will tell you to “warm-up” before a workout. With hot yoga, you have shorter ‘warm up’ poses and flows because the temperature of the room helps you physically loosen up faster.

Along with the physical benefits, hot yoga and any other form of yoga has been proven to:

  • Reduce stress
  • Treat symptoms of depression
  • Decrease body pain, particularly lower back and neck pain
  • Lower risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Improve metabolism
  • Relieve symptoms of anxiety and improve overall mental and emotional health
  • Improve your quality of sleep
  • And more

Plus, there’s the spiritual side. Tara Morris, founder of The Love Offensive, says “We celebrate being alive. I hope we heal and connect…I hope we laugh here.”

Why The Love Offensive?

The TeeHC Open is disrupting traditional cannabis networking by prioritizing meaningful experiences, purpose-driven interactions, and good ol’ fashioned fun in the form of golf and non-golf activities.

The Love Offensive Hot Power Yoga aims to “grow an incredible community of good people from all corners of the earth who will come together,” making it an obvious partner at the TeeHC Open.

Both the spiritual and physical elements of hot yoga bring an experience that resonates with the values of the cannabis industry: health, wellness, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Tara honors her mother, who had Parkinson’s Disease for 27 years before passing, by practicing yoga. She says “Watching my strong mom lose her ability to use her body, I have found genuine and deep gratitude for being able to live and move with freedom and strength.”

As a vendor and featured partner of TeeHC Open, The Love Offensive is a stellar example of how a community can come together to get sh*t done and have fun.

Tara opened The Love Offensive through crowdfunding efforts on GoFundMe and has since opened yet another yoga studio called The Plant. “It’s been a true test of resilience, determination, and tenacity, but the studio is like nothing you’ve ever seen before…Everyone who walks in the door is affected by the love and support it took to open those doors.”

Long story short: It’s exciting and you’ll definitely break a sweat. What’s a better icebreaker than that?

What to expect at the TeeHC Open hot yoga session

The 2022 TeeHC Open will have a series of vendor-sponsored events and workshops, including a hot yoga session by The Love Offensive. Here is what you can expect at the TeeHC Open hot yoga session:

You should definitely expect to sweat. 

The temperature in the room is often between 80-110 degrees Fahrenheit, and there may be humidity added, too. 

We recommend staying hydrated (water will be provided for you at the event) before, during, and after the sessions. Of course, you also always have the option of stepping out of the sessions to get fresh air and cool down as needed. 

The instructors from The Love Offensive and the TeeHC Open team want you to feel empowered to listen to your body and your needs throughout the event, so taking breaks outside the room is encouraged if you need it. (That includes breaks for introverts who need to recharge throughout the day too!)

You should expect to have fun. 

In partnership with TeeHC Open, Tara’s hot yoga session is cannabis-friendly. 

Tara has worked closely with the Joint Venture Co. team to host similar, curated cannabis yoga retreats, such as the Yoga and CannaBLISS Retreats in October 2020 and May 2021, as well as Canna-Friendly Yoga sessions in Vermont and Martha’s Vineyard.

Using meditations and affirmations throughout the session, The Love Offensive instructors will be sharing how cannabis, spirituality, and wellness all work together for an eye-opening experience. 

Apply to attend the 2022 TeeHC Open 

Can’t miss out on something as fun as hot yoga and cannabis networking, right? We thought you’d say that.

As a premier invite-only industry networking event, if you want to be part of the TeeHC Open in 2022 at the Highfields Golf & Country Club in Grafton, MA, you need to apply to attend or register to become a sponsor and guarantee your spot.

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