Support Veterans & Cannabis as an Alternative through the Cannabis Center of Excellence

The Cannabis Center of Excellence (CCOE) is a registered 501c3 non-profit that serves as a virtual resource and network for cannabis industry professionals, academics, policymakers, healthcare providers, and more. 

One of their core causes is supporting veterans by conducting in-depth research and advocating for their cannabis healthcare needs. 

In recent years, the CCOE has been widely recognized for its studies in this area. Their 2019 Veteran’s Health and Medical Cannabis study was published and shared by scientific journals and cannabis publications, namely the Journal of Clinical Therapeutics, NORML, Worcester Business Journal and Ganjapreneur.

The CCOE’s most recent published study explored cannabis as an alternative to prescriptions and over-the-counter medication based on self-reported data from U.S. military veterans.

As a proud charity partner of the 2023 TeeHC Open, Cannabis Center of Excellence’s President Dr. Marion McNabb sat down with us to talk about how far they’ve come and what they’re most looking forward to about this year’s event. 

What inspired you to start the Cannabis Center of Excellence?

Marion co-funded the CCOE in 2018, making this year their fifth anniversary. She says, “I was inspired by the lack of real-world evidence related to medical and adult-use cannabis and the potential that cannabis can play for a wide variety of health conditions and symptoms.”

Since then, she has been the principal investigator of eight research studies related to adult use and medical cannabis.

“Seeing and hearing testimonials about the impact of medical cannabis on so many health conditions and symptoms inspired me to utilize my public health research skills to design innovative methods to conduct cannabis research studies in Massachusetts.”

What helped you grow the most in your first few years of business?

As a research network, funding and technical assistance were essential in establishing a strong foundation. For the CCOE, this came from Boston University and Green Lion Partners’ ancillary cannabis start-up competition where the CCOE concept was founded. 

The Massachusetts cannabis industry was also incredibly supportive from 2018 to 2020 as the CCOE started up. From conducting over 16 educational events and supporting cannabis research studies to helping set up a trusted online presence, industry connections were crucial in getting the word out about the good work the CCOE was driving.

In that way, networking has been “important for us to gain research and education partners to not only collect the data, but also be able to openly share results to help drive the greater industry forward.”

What’s your best piece of advice for other entrepreneurs?

“Be supportive of others in the Massachusetts and national cannabis industry.” You never know where a genuine connection could take you.

It’s also a great way to give back to the community that’s trying in their own way to make a difference in the world. Cannabis has so much potential; it’s important we show up for those who are passionate about and part of that cause.

What are you looking forward to the most about the 2023 TeeHC Open?

“Networking and having fun! We really appreciate the CCOE being selected as one of the nonprofits to donate to, Thank you! ”

The Cannabis Center of Excellence is currently implementing ongoing research studies with its iCount for veterans platform and a newly launched “cannabis as an alternative to drugs and other substances” research. The non-profit is looking for funds to help get the studies published and continue to conduct more impactful research. This study is led by the CCOE President, Dr. McNabb together with Dr. Peter Grinspoon from Harvard/MGH.

In the next year, they are focused on implementing a new study “iCount: Cannabis as an Alternative” launched in August 2023 asking cannabis patients, consumers, and the canna-curious about their use of or interest in learning more about cannabis as an alternative to alcohol, tobacco, drugs and other substances in partnership with Ayr Wellness. The CCOE is currently looking for additional partners interested in supporting the study.

Proceeds from the charity raffles at this year’s event will go to the CCOE to help to develop a report of the findings from the “iCount: Cannabis as an Alternative” research study to be shared with the public, policy makers, and the general public in early 2024. Your support greatly helps with these initiatives as they pursue their mission to break the stigma and advance social justice in the cannabis industry. You can learn more about this study and donate here.

Connect with the CCOE at the 2023 TeeHC Open

The Cannabis Center of Excellence’s mission to support the industry through quality research, scientifically-recognized studies, and advocacy for policy reform and change is a noble one.

You can gain insight into their fascinating findings by connecting with their team at the 2023 TeeHC Open. From the ongoing research they are conducting to the ways you can get involved, the CCOE is a wonderful non-profit organization to partner with. Learn more and donate here.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the CCOE and donate to a cause we’re all passionate about.Get your tickets to attend today.

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